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new Venus review from Tim Peacock

Invincible have released a 'Live' album called "Black and Blue"

You can order it here using the form

...I would like to thank you all for your immense support over the last few years but unfortunately I have to inform you that Invincible have split up (23rd Jan 2000).
There is no much more I personally can add at this moment.
Thanks again and see you soon, hopefully in the near future. (or not)
Yves Altana

Thursday, February 3rd, 2000.


Invincible? Indeed.

The Chameleons are dead.

Get over it.

There will always be a special place in my heart for this band, as it's very
rarely that such a treat graces one's ears. They gave us three of the most
amazing albums to be pressed to wax, and I can see very well why this is a
hard thing to let go of.


'Venus' is an INCREDIBLE album. I don't think I've heard another album this
year so relenting in its efforts to transcend the mire of shite that the
music industry in general has given us as of late. In fact, one would have
to reach back into 97 to find a worthy competitor. The songs are lushly
arranged, with great thought and care given to detail and production. (A
trait very much absent from releases in recent years.) Some of the ambient
tracks (the layering of vocals, etc) are just amazing in their creativity
and effectiveness. Yves has not only proven himself an amazing and
tasteful guitarist, but he's also convinced this fan that he's one of the
greatest untapped production talents out there today.

The album is by far the best thing that Mark has done post-chameleons (by
far), and I think is a strong hint at what the Chameleons might have
recorded today had they not parted. But with the promise of this album, it
can only mark better things to come. And I for one, am very anxious to hear
them, rather than see a tour of songs I've heard three-thousand times on
eighty seven bootlegs.

Living in Los Angeles, I probably will never have the honor of seeing
Invincible live. I hope that someday such a prospect seems more tangible.
But in the meantime, I can't wait to hear new material from this duo.

Spencer Jones Sun Oct 31, 1999

As requested, here are the chords for 'Gethsemene'.

PS: The chords given somewhere in the chameleons site are totally WRONG!!!!! These are the originals.

Thanks for your support with the downloading of the 'Dangerous' track, we actually made it to No 1 on MP3.Com


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